Elite Hockey Moms

Hockey Moms offer tips for minor hockey parents on how to organize off-ice team meals, packing for hotels and other advice on living the hockey dream.

ELS Starting Rep Hockey

Tips on Getting Started in Rep Hockey

Getting started in rep hockey is not easy for first-time parents. Here are some tips to help survive your first season of rep hockey.

What Kind of Hockey Mom Are You?

Columnist Leanne Brown offers a tongue-in-cheek look at the variety of Hockey Moms you will meet at a rink on any given day. Which type are you?

Don’t Ever Underestimate the Power of Hockey

Author of the book Lessons From Behind the Glass Allyson Tufts explains the power of hockey over players, hockey families and communities.

Team Fundraising Using FlipGive

Forget about selling candy, raffle tickets, going door-to-door, or walking up to people cold to try to raise funds for your hockey team. There’s an app for that.

Should you play hockey year round?

Should Your Kid Play Hockey Year Round?

Hockey is a late specialization sport so waiting until a player is older to specialize is a good strategy during their developmental years.

Planning a Hockey Team Dinner

Planning a Hockey Team Meal

Planning a team hockey meal is a thankless job but being organized is key to making it a success for everyone involved.

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