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Hockey Scouts Discuss CHL vs. NCAA Routes

Hockey scouts discuss the differences between the Canadian Hockey League and NCAA as options for young Canadian hockey players.

When to eat before a game

What Should Hockey Players Eat Before Games?

One of the most asked questions by hockey families is what should a hockey player eat for their pre-game meal? Our nutrition expert helps answer that …

Pasta for hockey players

THIS Pasta is Perfect For Hockey Families

Traditional pasta doesn’t offer the nutritional value that young hockey players need but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other pasta options out there.

Minor Hockey Journnal Illustration

How to Keep a Minor Hockey Journal

Minor Hockey Journals are a great way to ensure your hockey memories will always be preserved and shared with your entire hockey family.

Importance of hockey water bottles

Keep Filling Those Hockey Water Bottles

Keeping your hockey water bottle filled is a much better option than sports drinks when refuelling your body anytime your are on the ice.

Hockey Scouts Offer Advice to Parents

Hockey scouts preach patience when it comes to giving advice to hockey parents and stress that players all develop at different rates.

Filling the Hockey Strength Training Buckets

The Belleville Senators strength and coach explains how to meet the current trend of building leaner and faster hockey players.

Hockey Nutrition Fuel Window

Don’t Miss the Hockey Refuelling Window

Hit that hockey refuelling window that happens for 30-45 minutes after a player has stepped off the ice with easy, nutritional snacks.

Parents Guide to Buying a Hockey Stick

Tips on how to make smart decisions when buying a hockey stick for your player that can improve performance while keeping the price tag low.

How to Avoid the Dreaded Car Ride Home

Hockey parent advice from prominent sports pyscologist points to avoiding that dreaded talk after games on the car ride home from the rink

Intimidating Coaching Methods Less Effective

Coaches who use intimidation to motivate hockey players may be robbing them of a chance to develop to their full potential both on and off the ice.

That Time I Set Up Tyler Seguin …

A self-described “ankle burner” shares what is it like to play a minor hockey season with future NHL hockey star Tyler Seguin.

Family Shares 75 Years of Referee Stories

From Gretzky to Stamkos, the Coles family has officiated thousands of players in thousands of games and have great referee stories to tell.

On-Ice Benefits of Hockey Academies

Hockey academies offer a huge benefit is in the area of skill development for young hockey players trying to reach the next level.

NCAA or CHL? It Depends on the Player

NCAA or CHL? Longtime scout and former NHL general manager Craig Button weighs on on the best path to becoming a pro hockey player.

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